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What are the symptoms of ADHD?

One of the challenges of diagnosing attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is that all children show some of the behaviors described as symptoms of ADHD some of the time, as part of their normal development. However, for children with ADHD, these behaviors occur more frequently, more severely and persist over time. They have a disruptive effect on many aspects of a child's life, including family relationships, how they play and interact with other children and their education. There are three main symptoms of ADHD: Hyperactive behavior. This can include restlessness, difficulty sitting still and a tendency to fidget. Children may be very physically active, running and climbing a lot; Impulsive behavior. This can include difficulties controlling behavior. Children may tend to talk a lot and interrupt others or lose their temper easily, and; Inattentive behavior. This can include difficulty concentrating or following instructions. Children tend to have trouble finishing tasks, or may want to avoid tasks that require attention for more than short periods of time. They tend to be easily distracted. Not all children with ADHD show all three of these types of behaviors. The severity of behaviors varies between children, as well as over time in individual children as they grow and develop.

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